OmniVis technology uses a revolutionary sensing technique to quantify and analyze bio-molecular solutions directly at the source. Our easy to use hardware device and consumable test kit attaches to a smartphone and reduces the detection process to 30 minutes, accurately and affordably. 

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Our Vision


90% of research money for biotechnology and genomics research only focuses on the health needs of 10% of the globe. This is known as the 10/90 Gap and we are working to close that gap and bring solutions to the most vulnerable.

End 90% of Cholera by 2030

With our partners, we are on the mission to end 90% of cholera by 2030.

United Nations SDG 6

OmniVis is working towards United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goal #6 to provide universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water by 2030 within a 30-minute round trip.

Access to Healthcare is a Right.