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Clean drinking water is one of the most urgent needs in developing countries and disaster-stricken areas, but safety tests can take days — during which tainted water can infect thousands. OmniVis aims to make detection of cholera and other pathogens as quick, simple, and cheap as a pregnancy test. Its smartphone-powered detection platform could save thousands of lives.

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MIT Solve Announces New Solver Class of 32 Tech Entrepreneurs Solving Global Challenges

September 2019 - MIT Solve, an initiative of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology, announces the 32 new Solver teams from 16 countries that were selected yesterday at Solve Challenge Finals, the premier live pitch event kicking off UN General Assembly week. The incoming Solver class was selected by Solve's expert judges and was selected from a pool of nearly 1,400 applicants from over 100 countries.


npr: All Things considered

August 2019 - What if you could put a drop of water into a miniature laboratory – not much bigger than a smartphone — and find out if the water contains the bacterium that causes cholera?

A simple test like that could help prevent outbreaks of the disease, which sickens as many as 4 million and kills up to 143,000 each year, mostly in poorer countries.

The ancient disease of cholera is spread primarily through drinking water that contains the bacterium called Vibrio cholerae.

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Picking An Accelerator & What We’ve Learned

July 2019 - There are infinite ways to start a business and infinitely more ways to fail. Every decision can feel overwhelming if you think out every last pro and con, so sometimes you need to trust your gut to move forward. No start-up knows everything, and that’s when it’s important to seek help and mentorship. What would the equivalent of training wheels for starting a company be?


The Global Good Fund- Fellowship Program

June 2019 - We are excited to be participants in The Global Good Fund LEAP program for the next six months.

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Our First Overseas Adventure: Bangladesh

May 2019 - Because cholera is a disease with no borders, we see ourselves as an international company with global partnerships. We are proud to announce that we launched our pilot study in Bangladesh in partnerships with iccddr,b and Notre Dame University’s Global Health Program earlier this month! We sat down for a conversation with Mike Malloy, Halcyon Incubator’s Program Director, to talk about our experience in Dhaka. 

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BioLOGIC Innovation Awards

February 2019 - We are ecstatic to take home first prize and a sizable check from BioLOGIC! The award will enable us to take a big step forward towards manufacturing at scale, lowering the cost of each device and test.

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Commercializing Smartphone-Based Cholera Test

February 2019 - Elated to share our debut on GenomeWeb. Read the entire article HERE.

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Particle Diffusometry: An Optical Detection Method

February 2019 - It is important to us to simultaneously move fast but also carefully when it comes to health sciences. We know that our technology will influence millions of lives and we want to do it right. Read more about our technology in this Scientific Reports article, published today!

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Spinning Out of the Lab: My Journey from Academia to Entrepreneurship

I went into my PhD with no intention of a career in academia. This oftentimes surprises others who decided to pursue other amazing paths. Instead, I applied to my PhD with every intention that I would start my own company one day. I saw that the science I wanted to learn didn’t quite exist in industry yet, so I figured that a PhD was the best way to go.

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Halcyon House Incubator Program

January 2019 - Follow us as we move to Washington, D.C. for five months! We’re excited to announce that we are fellows for Cohort 10 at the Halcyon Incubator.

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Indiana Life Sciences Summit 2018

October 2018 - OmniVis takes home 2nd place at BioCrossroad’s New Venture Competition.

Gifted Citizen

November 2018 - Honored to join this year’s La Ciudad de las Ideas Gifted Citizen cohort alongside international entrepreneurs who are changing the world.

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Girls in Tech AMPLIFY Women’s Pitch Competition

October 2018 - We are proud and honored to be named the winner of the 2018 AMPLIFY Pitch Competition out of 362 applicants from 46 countries.

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Humanitarian Grand Challenge

September 2018 - We are honored to be one of the recipients of this year’s Humanitarian Grand Challenge! Together, we are enabling women to spend less time traveling for water and more time exploring opportunities. We are enabling children to spend less time in hospitals and more time in schools. Thank you, Grand Challenges Canada, UK DFID, and USAID for the opportunity you have entrusted in us!


Project Entrepreneur Accelerator

June 2018 - OmniVis heads to NYC for the Project Entrepreneur accelerator program while jointly incubating at Samsung NEXT NY

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National Science Foundation SBIR

June 2018 - Honored to have won a Phase I SBIR grant from the NSF and excited for the year ahead

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Fast Company Innovation Awards

April 2018 - OmniVis is chosen as a 2018 World Changing Idea Finalist, read more here.

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NSF I-Corps

March 2018 - OmniVis heads to San Francisco to learn all about customer discovery for the Spring 2018 NSF I-Corps cohort

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Vodafone Foundation Wireless Innovation Awards

2017 - OmniVis wins first place in the 2017 Vodafone Wireless Innovation Project.