When I was 7 years old my uncle died from HIV. I saw how disease could take someone I love- a person who played tennis, did horseback riding, and taught me about gardening- and make them stuck in bed and on oxygen. It was at that age I saw firsthand what disease could do a person. It was a few years later that better HIV management strategies came to the market, and I wished that my uncle could have had those opportunities.

Years later I was working on new methods for rapid detection of different diseases in my PhD when I learned about cholera. I learned that it was a manageable disease, but only when people had access to doctors or medications. I learned that it took days to detect for cholera in water, leaving communities vulnerable and at risk. This brought me back to my uncle, where prevention strategies could have saved his life. I began to tailor my PhD research to developing rapid and sensitive methods to quickly detect cholera in water, and OmniVis was born. I believe that proactive approaches in medicine and healthcare enable empowerment and equality.

Katherine Clayton, CEO

Our Mission

Create the tools to prevent infectious diseases affordably

Our Vision

Empower communities with the knowledge and data to make quick and informed decisions about their health